Multifaceted Business Solutions
for HR, Employee Benefits and PEO Services

Why Outsource?

Companies who outsource one or more of their HR functions recognize increased efficiencies and ultimately become more profitable
- DeloitteTouche

At Marquis Management Solutions our mission is to provide the latest in innovative HR, employee benefit and financial solutions to businesses and families.

Our client partners are:
  • Business owners that strive to provide quality HR and benefit programs for their employees.
  • Small, medium or large companies looking to outsource one or more of their HR functions.
  • Any size employer in search of a new PEO relationship.

Marquis partners with you to find solutions that reduce costs through improved workplace management, outsourcing those time consuming, non-revenue producing tasks, allowing you and your key managers more time to focus on RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS.

We are an independent consulting group aligned with multiple providers and carriers, therefore, the solutions we propose to you are customized to meet your specific needs.

Our clients are the reason we exist and we strive to build each relationship on a foundation of trust, honesty and integrity.

Thank you for your interest in Marquis Management Solutions.

The Employment Life Cycle is complex.  Marquis guides you through the maze of decisions necessary to sustain an effective HR management system.  We are your One Source Solution.